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My Not-So-Smooth Arrival into 2019

Guys, we are almost a month into the new year! Have you started strong? How are you doing on all the intentions you set up for 2019? As for me, I sort of hobbled into it sicker than I’ve been in a very long time, realizing those many, many breaks I took from the disciplined eating that marked most of my 2018 (and possibly the blissful stress of being a new salon owner plus holiday craziness all rolled into one) may in fact give your immunity a near deadly blow. I don’t think all the cookies, fudge, pie, cocoa and penetone were worth it, nor was the yes after yes to adding more to my already stuffed calendar! And, confession: I had one really bad night that brought me to panicked tears of overwhelm. Never did I want to do this to myself or anyone I care about. My family doesn’t deserve a wife and mom who doesn’t know when enough is enough. My friends don’t deserve it and my life’s work doesn’t deserve it.

So, what now? What do I do to keep my stress levels in check? How do I recognize when I am beginning to take on more than I should at any one given time? A couple days into this year (once I could stay awake without my head pounding -- thank you, antibiotics!) I took several hours to plot out some intentions for each area of my life and each part of my business. I dreamed and I talked to God over all the possibilities, and it was wonderful! I’m willing to bet you’ve done something like this recently, too, and if you’re dreaming big things for this year, your excitement level was right there with mine! I’ve already had some unexpected turns this month, some challenges that threatened to set aside those big dreams and tempt me back to playing small. But, even though some days really try to take the fire out of me and I have moments of feeling defeated, God has not left me there. Even when I mess up and I forget the way I’m going, He’s bringing me back to better. Not perfect, not even orderly often times, but better. Better than yesterday. Better than last year.

I am learning oh, so tangibly, that less is more. Less in my closet, less in my work spaces, less on my schedule... I am so thankful I get to live in THIS moment and choose to impact the future in the best possible way with all I have been given. Leaving behind regrets of how far I could have been if X, Y and Z… Just living here, now, being present where I am, keeping some white space on purpose to just be, and breathe. I know you may have this all worked out and your self-care is topnotch, but I have to believe I am speaking to someone that needs this, a sister struggling to believe in her own worth, and I don’t want to be uninvolved and leave you there. You are loved and you have purpose. Have a good cry, lean on who you need to for a minute, then get up and dust off your knees. This is going to take time, but you are worth it and I will be cheering you on as you run your race. I graciously hope you’ll do the same for me.


--> More strategically speaking, I am tackling some new (to me) approaches for cleansing my living space (the whole house!), the salon and my time-management practices, while continuing to optimize health and experience more joy with my family, friends and all the fantastic people I serve. I want to share the steps of my journey and go deep into the process, so join me on all the social channels in the coming weeks and months!

--> I would so love to hear from you!! Please, share your dreams for 2019, so I can pray and jump up and down in eagerness for you! How have you been handling all the obligations in your life and what do you have lined up to do better? Or eliminate because it isn’t worth your health and sanity? We are in this together, sis!

--> Here’s a link to the Dream Guide I’ve used for the last three years to plot out my New Year’s intentions. Jennie Allen is the author of a few really meaningful books, two of which have really changed some hard-set perceptions of mine. She is awesome!

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