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Salon retail...Why the shift?

It's been a long and wonderful journey with Paul Mitchell, from Focus Salon to hopeful educator and brand advocate. John Paul Mitchell Systems has supported me through many changes and a ton of growth throughout my career. I was always on board to try what's next and soaked up every class and web education I could get into. I owe the company so much gratitude for the undeniable cultural persuasion they've had in my life and in the industry.

I've had a whole lot of help

from my friends!

Some of you are amazing, faithful clients of mine who have seen up close that I have been researching several different brands over the last many months and have even sampled out a thing or two to get your feedback. And as I have really dug deep to keep defining my own values, both in life and in the business world, one thing I've learned is that I can only add products that back up those beliefs to help me deliver a consistent message. Although it can be broken down and branched out into a pretty elaborate explanation, that message is really simple: I want to be healthy. And I want you to be healthy. In every aspect possible, I seek to promote well-being in all the areas of life that we have any control over at all. Spiritual, physical, relational, mental...these all are so valuable and if I am about leaving this world any better than I've found it, I need to start with the individual. Fewer and fewer industries still have the capability of maintaining personal contact. I am so fortunate that, while I do get to take advantage of many of technology's great gifts like online booking, automated memberships, social media and blogging (!), I ultimately deliver what I promise by being present and actually touching the guest in my chair. Physical touch is so powerful and I don't take it lightly that you allow me into your personal space that is way too close for most service providers! My intention is to use that touch and everything about our time together help you to leave feeling good that you took the time (and spent the money) to love yourself well and allow me to help you do so!

And where the heck would I be

without this girl?!

Davines is one way I can work to make the most of the touch that I want to "leave you better than I found you". The fact that they are a 35-year old company founded in Italy and still family-owned to this day would be enough to warrant a closer look. But thanks to my online social community of hairdressers all over the Western Hemisphere, I knew there were terrific offerings of sustainable products that respect the health of the skin which connects the outside to the inside when we're talking health of the physical body.

I've begun with Authentic Formulas, appropriate for use on both hair and skin, with four simple products, beneficial

for so many things. Aromas that consist of active ingredients in the form of extracts and oils -- rather than mere fragrances -- can bring about relaxation or stimulation of the senses connected to our mental and meditative states. Responsible sourcing of components that make up our beauty and grooming routines help us maintain good stewardship of the Creation we're so blessed to enjoy.

All Paul Mitchell products are not gone. And what I don't continue to carry will still be available on order. But I hope you will enjoy this shift as I am so optimistic about the turns ahead...

Discover the beautiful truth of the Davines Brand for yourself, and watch how I continue to incorporate more of their amazing offerings in my space at Serenity Salon & Spa.

A message from the company that sums up the Davines mission...


Amidst every distraction in our "hyper-productive" world and the passive decision-making we are expected to engage in, I leave you with a question and a challenge.

What life-changing, life-giving choice can you make today?

Because our culture is so noisy -- yet I won't pretend it doesn't have so much good to offer -- we have to be so terribly intentional if we are to stop, to clear the air, to turn off the distractions, to focus on our real values, and regain perspective of why we do what we are doing. Not just what we're doing or even how we do it. My friend, there are so many things we can eliminate from our list, if we stop and look at what truly aligns with our values. When we stop to determine our why, we can begin to sift through the clutter and the noise.

So, I'm not talking about a tremendous, earth-shattering change, although it might be a little radical. It might be noticed by those closest to you if you, say, get up an hour early tomorrow and get some quiet reflection time before everyone else in your house is up. Or pack your lunch for work instead of waiting to see what you feel like from whatever's available come break time. Or you take a walk after dinner, or turn off the tv and actually look your partner in the eye for more than 30 seconds. These might just be noticed by someone! Let me help you with the next thought. That is a really good thing. And that is where beautiful life-giving change can happen.

All my love,


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