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Bra size and BAG's (Big Audacious Goals)

Hello. My name is Maggie, and I do not have big boobs. In fact, thanks to a strong set of genetics and motherhood, I have the exact opposite of that. I also have two healthy children whom of which I believe benefitted enormously from what used to be a slightly more glorious pair. Certainly, I am more thankful for those two, and that are absolutely worth it. If you have tiny people, even grown ones, you know you would commit yourself to tiny boobs for eternity to do it all over again for their well-being and overall existence. I may be willing and courageous enough to change all that one day -- the small boob thing, I mean -- but for now, I share this with whoever takes the time to read it because I am intent on becoming more and more at peace with the dimensions God gave me and with the beauty that comes with age, without, on the flip side, getting stuck somewhere small. Satisfied with a "Well, it is what it is" attitude. Healthy living has and is continuing to become a more primary focus in my life. And it is all so connected when I think spiritual, physical and emotional. Truthfully, there are so many distractions in this life that will take over if we allow it. If we don't get super intentional and focused, in spite of all the things that suck up our time, we will be left drained and without drive year after year, wondering why we haven't achieved more in all the time we've been given.

What is that thing you have been too afraid to speak out loud that you really want? What is that Big Audacious Goal that dares you to think you are worthy of wrapping your hand around it by taking a thousand small steps every single day to bring into reality? Is it taking a dream vacation with your husband or your whole family? Is it finally getting started on that business idea that's been keeping you up at night? How about finally making the commitment to get healthy, and staying with it?! Can you get there in 6 months? In one year? In five? Are you ready to start today? Those tiny steps add up. But only if you stop saying “I’ll start later.” Why do all these frustrating distractions and time-suckers get to take priority over starting on your dreams?! Take it back, my friend! We are fed a whole lot of lies in our world today and if you are listening to them ahead of that still small voice inside that says you are more, then you are giving power to something that steals your dreams. And if you don’t have a plan for how to best use your time, someone else will every single time! If you don’t set goals and begin taking serious action toward achieving them, one more year will pass and you will wish you’d had the courage to start today. Hear me right. I am proud of you and all you are, right now. But I am so excited about the MORE you can become!

Maybe this isn't the topic you thought I would share in a blog. I mean, I'm a hairdresser, right? Stick to hair tutorials and color transformations... It is certainly not something I might have brought up this way even 2 months ago. But there is more for me to do and I hope, no, I believe in my bones this is just a beginning for me. There are times when certain revelations show up in the things we read, listen to and experience and I feel safe joining some other voices of women who are exposing some of their real selves to speak to the girl who still feels small and unheard, unnoticed. As for the boob thing, I have decided the only changes worth getting desperate to make are the ones that impact me and others at a core level for the better. I will not make a change that "fixes" the outside without first moving heaven and earth to come into the full being of a more remarkable self I am destined to become. I refuse to believe the lie that says, "If only I had her body, I would be happy". Or "her job...", "her followers...", "her bank account...", the list will never freaking end if I give in to that thinking. I have a fair mix of days when I'm ambitious with a padded pushup bra and just embracing the small side with support that is simply comfortable without any enhancement of what's not really there ( but probably has cute lacy detail on the back -- one of my better assets!). The comparison trap kills and I will absolutely never get any traction in this life that only I have the distinct priveledge of living. We have to invest in who we want to become. This means sacrifice. It means giving up some old "words of wisdom" that may have been handed down to us. It could even mean a little therapy! What is the BAG for you? And what is the first step you can choose to take today, right now, that moves you a just tiny degree closer to the enormous celebration you will throw yourself when you finally have it? Girl, I am cheering for you so hard right now to realize all that you have control over to change. And for you to become more!

Please, PLEASE, comment on this post and let's talk about the amazing places you're headed!

So much love, sister!


Note: As you've probably guessed, all this inspiration does not just flow out from somewhere mysterious inside me. I study God's word, pray, and consume a lot of books and podcasts! The latest on my list from which much of this blog has bloomed: "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis and her podcast, DAIS on iTunes.

Huge thanks to Hollie Markham for helping me on so many levels and always getting the silly pic I wind up really liking.

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