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All the Pretty Hair

We are vain creatures, aren't we? And we can change our minds so quickly when it comes to image. As a professional in the image industry, I know I have to be careful about keeping a balance between promoting self-care and self-obsession. I need inform myself about what's happening with trends, yet not get so lost in the beauty world, that my perception of reality and myself is corrupted.

mermaid haircolor, vivid haircolor

Our pursuit of beauty should not negate the deep set values of personhood we all should be grounded in for our own emotional and relational health. And I don't think that beauty treatments of any kind should drive us into financial stress and certainly not into debt. The common belief in our advanced culture is "I need this." What we all need is to understand the difference between a want and a need. In my industry positioning, I readily believe people need a good haircut; certainly, a good shape that's simple to style and compliments the best features of a woman is something that does wonders for appearance and can enhance her mood, bringing about a positive self-perception. I dare to say, if you're reading this, you consider it a need and something attainable for most of us on a pretty regular basis.

after custom hairtalk extensions application

Things like balayage blonding, fashion hair color and that concentrated overnight retinol cream most of us love are luxuries, my friend. And they are wonderful! I don't pretend that advanced color services and high-end retail aren't major contributors to my taking care of the needs of my family and investing in the future. Still, if I'm not balancing those services and products with a few more affordable options, I've greatly limited my reach into an audience I care about.

Hair extensions are wonderful, too. But they are not for everyone. Not for everyone's hair, not for everyone's routine and not for everyone's budget. They are costly and they are work, both in the salon and at home for the wearer. Education about the process and the maintenance have to come first, and a stylist who does not invest the time up front to consult with a potential extension client is likely setting the stage for a disappointing disaster down the road (been there!). Same goes for the guest who isn't interested in coming in for a consultation before specific cost can be discussed. I've learned I don't want to waste anyone's time by not first covering every detail of the journey you're taking on in wearing professionally sourced and applied tape bonded extensions. We'll have a pretty tight relationship through the coming months between blowouts to check bond security, move-ups and any additional hair services you already enjoy. By nature of the commitment, you are officially "high-maintenance". And I'm up for the process if you are! The beauty of making an initial purchase of hair that suits your length, density and color preferences is that you can go almost a year without needing to replace those original strands! Maintenance is far more reasonable on the checking account at that point, and for some, a luxury well worth the expense.

As much as I want amazing bombshell hair to be extra accessible and easy to keep up, it can't be for everyone. But if it is a goal of yours to make it happen in the future, I want to work with you to get you there! Soon I'll be adding a new page to this site that breaks down the cost (as much as I can without a one-on-one with you) as well as a realistic monthly expectation that will keep you loving those locks throughout the seasons!

But know this always, love: You are made for a purpose. And You are beautiful. Period.

All my best,


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